Cleaning services

Janitorial services

This includes all washing, cleaning, sweeping, and other similar work performed inside or outside of a public building. This work is distributed as follows:

a) Class A work

Heavy janitorial service jobs such as washing walls, windows, ceilings, light fixtures, chalk boards, sweeping floors with a dust mop of one meter or more in width, stripping, washing or treating floors, removing stains from the floor with a wet mop of more than 340.2 g and a bucket over 12 liters, washing carpets, removing garbage and the contents of the bins, recycling of more than 11.34 kg and dusting of non-accessible areas of the ground;

b) Class B work

Light janitorial work in exclusively accessible areas on the ground, such as dusting, cleaning of desks, tables, chairs and other furniture, cleaning ashtrays and paper baskets of 11.34 kg and under, wash light fixtures and stains on walls and floors with a wet mop of 340.2 g or less and a bucket of 12 liters or less, sweeping floors with a broom, dust mop or vacuum cleaner, the cleaning of glass partition walls and light cleaning in washrooms;

c) Class C work

The washing of the windows and the interior and exterior surfaces of the buildings which require the employee to work on scaffoldings, on saddles or restrained by a safety belt, inside or outside of the windows.