It is rather a preventive action, unlike antisepsis which is rather a curative action, but the methods of asepsis and disinfection are similar;

Disinfection techniques: Disinfection usually involves a debridement phase, which consists of removing the external organic matter (for example, grease, dead skin or a bio-film) and a phase of disinfection with the use of a disinfectant.

The disinfectant can have:

an action of inhibition of the growth of the microorganisms, one speaks of bacteriostatic action in the case of bacteria: it prevents the natural multiplication of the germs;

a lethal action on microorganisms, we speak of bactericidal action in the case of bacteria: it kills germs. According to the standards in place, the disinfection must kill 99.999% of the targeted germs (thus divide by 100 000 the number of germs).