Ceiling cleaning

We are an authorized distributor of Ceiling Pro International products and we offer this service of refurbishing different types of ceilings only by using their products. http://www.ceilingprointernational.com

In addition to cleaning acoustic ceilings, we can also clean:
→ Roofs and stucco walls;
→ textured ceilings;
→ Mirrors and glazed surfaces;
→ Open metal structures;
→ Vinyl roofs and walls (PVC);
→ Ceilings of gypsum / plaster;
→ Plastic ceilings;
→ Wooden frame ceilings;
→ Chandeliers;
→ Bricks and stucco on the outside;
→ Air conditioning / ventilation ducts;
→ Removes dust on ceilings;
→ the cleaning of the light fixtures;
→ Cinema / television screens;
→ Restoration after a fire / water damage;
→ graffiti on smooth surfaces;
→ post-renovation cleaning / construction;
→ Vinyl and acrylic advertising panels (Panaflex / Plastiflex);
→ Vinyl, concrete, mosaic and limestone surfaces.